I offer gentle - yoga, breath and rest - classes from my home yoga and wellbeing studio, in the picturesque and peaceful area of Brooklet (just down the road from the historic village of Newrybar), in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Each class is limited to just 8 people and created with the intention of nourishing and supporting you - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically - as well as gently activating the parasympathetic (digest and repair) system, assisting and supporting the body's digestive, metabolic, immune and hormonal functions. 

You will be invited to (re)connect with your breath (and body), move (and find stillness) in a way that feels good for you. The focus always being on how you FEEL. (Not what your wearing or how bendy you are).

This is yoga - movement, breath and stillness - for you and your wellbeing. 

I look forward to welcoming you onto the mat. 

G  xx

Please Note: As classes are intentionally small, bookings are essential. Please see the timetable to book.


>> All classes are suitable for everyone- all levels are welcome <<

gentle flow yoga

a gentle, creative, slow flowing class blending hatha, mindful movement, tai chi, qi gong, breath, meditation and savasana- leaving you feeling calm, clear and connected in body mind and spirit. This class is a beautiful way to start or decompress from the day.

great for those new to yoga and also those with more experience who would prefer a more gentle way of moving.

rest & renew

a highly nourishing and deeply restorative class that incorporates easy and gentle movements, supported postures (with the use of yoga props), stillness, quiet, breath work, meditation and generous savasana time. The nature of this class invites you to decelerate and slide into comfortable stillness, gently activating the healing functions of the parasympathetic system.

a wonderful class for enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

flow & rest combo

a blend of the Gentle Yoga Flow and Reset and Renew classes. For those that love the concept of rest but need some movement first.

a nice mix of yang and yin, and a gentle introduction to easing into stillness. suitable for everyone.

stretch & release

slow and gentle movements to warm the body, before transitioning into gentle stretching (often with the use of props), to release tension and tightness from the body and mind. End by enjoying the stillness of savasana.

great for not-so-active and active bodies alike.

savasana & champagne

essentially a slightly longer version of the Rest & Renew class, run fortnightly, with a complimentary sparkling wine (or mineral water or kombucha) at the end of class, to be enjoyed while taking in the sunset. A lovely way to farewell the weekend and welcome in a new week. Designed to nourish, nurture and renew the body, mind and soul.

a class for everyone, particularly those who are great at giving to others, yet find it hard to take time out for themselves.