I'm Georgia. A teacher of (gentle) hatha yoga, the breath, mindfulness and rest (for optimal health and wellbeing), holistic lifestyle coach, full-time student of life and occasional long course triathlete, living in the picturesque hinterland of Byron Bay, with my husband and three children.

I have a zest for life and am passionate about living it (life) well. I advocate embracing a simple, nourishing and mindful way of life, in order to be well and live your best life - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

I’m a great believer of listening to the body and giving it what it needs but I’m also realistic and know that creating a way of life that nourishes and supports your lifestyle is indeed a process (and journey) that takes time, and looks very different for each individual. Most of us though can’t go wrong with enjoying the benefits of daily feel-good movement, taking a moment or two to pause, breathe and be, eat nourishing and nutritious meals, cultivate a kind and curious mindset and to go gently with ourselves (when things don’t go as planned or hoped).

It’s my wish and hope that this online space (or my (occasional) newsletter or my yoga offerings and/or social media posts) provide you with inspiration to bring a more gentle, mindful and nourishing approach to your day-to-day life, supporting you and your wellbeing.

May you find ‘your’ ease and flow.

G xx