(Please note: classes are currently on hold while a new space is being created - due for completion Nov ‘18. Please contact me here to register your interest.)

I offer intentionally small boutique (movement and stillness) classes, from my home studio in the peaceful hinterland of Byron Bay and also teach from Edge Fitness Studio (in Altsonville), on a Tuesday morning at 9:30 am.

Each class is intentionally designed to nourish and support you - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Movement classes are a gentle feel-good blend of hatha, slow flow vinyasa, yin, qi gong, breath and meditation.
These are a mindful work-in (not a work out) for the body (and mind), and are a great way to decompress from the day while improving your quality of breath, mobility, strength and energy levels. 

Stillness classes are a restorative combination of breath, meditation and savasana.  
The restorative nature of these classes invites you to slide into stillness (and deceleration) mode. They are highly beneficial for calming the busy, tired, hormonal, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed mind (and body). 

All classes - both gentle movement and restorative stillness - are intentionally designed to stimulate the parasympathetic (digest and repair) system, assisting and supporting the body's digestive, metabolic, immune and hormonal functions. 

You will be invited to reconnect with your breath (and body), move (and find stillness) in a way that feels good for you.
The focus always being on how you FEEL. (Not what your wearing or how bendy you are).

This is yoga - movement, breath and stillness - for you and your wellbeing, (not Instagram). 

I look forward to welcoming you onto the mat. 

G  xx

Please Note: Home studio classes are intentionally small and bookings are essential. Please see the timetable below for classes and to book in.